Cool Hot Rods and Customs from the Street Rod Nationals South

Street Rod Nationals
When the month of May rolls around, we always know that a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee is in order. Each year (for the past 40 years or so), the NSRA Street Rod Nationals South has taken over the city, and we always make a trip, even if it’s just for the day. We love checking out the hot rods, customs and classic trucks on display, and it’s always good to make a pass through the swap meet to make sure we don’t walk away from a hot rod treasure. The crowd was a little down this year, due to the threat of rainy weather, but we still saw plenty of cool stuff. Take a look at our favorites from the 2018 rendition of the NSRA Street Rod Nationals South in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Photos from the 2018 Chattanooga Cruise In

It’s spring time in the Scenic City, and that can only mean one thing…it’s time for the Chattanooga Cruise In! We opened the doors and even though we had some iffy weather conditions, thousands of people came to see everything the Chattanooga Cruise In had to offer. Even though you can’t tell it by the pictures, an 80 percent chance of rain on Saturday kept a lot of folks at home for the day, but about 1,500 vehicles braved the potential storms, and enjoyed an awesome get together. It’s always a pleasure for us to open our doors, and invite folks in to browse the shop, and send them home with parts for their project, or at least a souvenir. Take a look at some of our favorite rides from the 2018 Chattanooga Cruise In and be sure to join us next spring, when we do it all over again.

Mark Your Calendars for the Chattanooga Cruise In

Saturday, April 14th, the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is going to be overrun with hot rods, customs, muscle cars, gassers, classic trucks, drag cars and more! We can’t wait, and we’ll be open from 8am until 4pm, selling high quality speed parts, apparel, signs and more from our historic speed shop. This event grows every year, and we’re expecting to see more than 2,000 cars take over the streets and nearby parking lots. There will be food vendors, commercial vendors, a swap meet and Coker Tire’s famous blemished tire sale. We’ll also have some parts on sale for a show special bargain price, so stay tuned and be sure to check it out April 14th right here in the birthplace of Honest Charley. For more information, check out the Chattanooga Cruise In event page on Facebook, which stays up to date with all sorts of info about the event!

Carb Spacers — Cheap Horsepower or Cheesy Add-On?

Carb Spacer
Carburetor Spacers…we see them on everything from Pintos to professional race cars. Sometimes they are necessary for optimal horsepower numbers, while other times they are simply used to raise the carburetors higher for appearance purposes. The thing that makes them so popular is the price. They’re cheap and effective, no matter your intended purpose.

Honest Joe Lombardo Retires

A couple short years ago, we celebrated the retirement of Honest Mike Goodman, and now it’s time to wish Joe Lombardo a happy retirement! Joe has been with Honest Charley for many years, and actually has a pretty distinct connection to Honest Charley Hisself. He’s married to Charley’s granddaughter, Amy! He has traveled to shows, helped thousands of customers on the phone, and he’s been working the front counter at the Speed Shop for years. The guys knows his hot rod parts, and he will be missed by our parts vendors, customers and especially fellow employees. We hope that he spends plenty of time tinkering with his Mercury, or maybe playing an extra round or two of golf in 2018. Hopefully,he won’t mind when we call for help and ask for advice! Thank you Joe for all the great years of service at Honest Charley Speed Shop!

Photos from the 2017 Chattanooga Cruise In Toy Drive

As the car show season winds down, we’re always reminded by the generosity of our fellow car guys and gals. Toy drive events are held across this great nation, and we’re always proud to have an excellent turnout of cars, people and donations at the Chattanooga Cruise In Toy Drive, a benefit for the Toys for Tots Foundation. This year, the weather man tricked us into thinking it was going to rain, so the turnout was a little thin, compared to last year, but the event still brought in about the same number of toys and monetary donations. We’re so excited to be a part of the Chattanooga Cruise In Toy Drive, and proud that we have the opportunity to give back to the needy folks in our community by way of hot rods, muscle cars and classic trucks getting together on a cloudy Saturday in November. Check out our favorites from the event!

How to LS Swap your Hot Rod

We can hear it now, all of the traditional hot rodders are standing on soapbox yelling “LS engines don’t belong in hot rods!”. But aren’t we the same group of guys who swapped in Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, or of course, Chevrolet V8’s many years ago? Sure, we love a Ford Flathead and we know its purpose in the hot rod world, but if you want to build a contemporary car, LS engines are the hot ticket. These bad boys make a bunch of horsepower in a small package, and they are affordable with TONS of aftermarket support. Honest Charley offers a number of these parts, especially those that help you swap an LS engine into an old car. We also offer parts to take away some of the LS engine’s ugly features. We offer motor mounts, headers, intake piping kits, dress up items and more for your LS swap. Take a look at our selection of LS engine parts, and call us up if you need additional help with your project!

Join Us for the Chattanooga Cruise In Toy Drive — November 18th

While some folks are winding down their car show and cruise in season, we’re just gearing up! Fall is always a busy time for us, between the annual trek to Pennsylvania for Carlisle and Hershey, and then of course, the Thanksgiving trip to Daytona for the Turkey Run. But, the week before Daytona, we throw a little party here in Chattanooga to raise money and collect toys for needy kids in the area. It’s called the Chattanooga Cruise In Toy Drive, and it is held on Saturday, November 18th from 8am until Noon Eastern time. We close off the streets, and fill them with hot rods, customs, muscle cars and more to benefit the local Toys for Tots chapter. It’s a great excuse to get the ol’ jalopy out of the garage and on the road one last time before winter sets in and we expect a couple hundred cars to participate. We hope you join us here on Chestnut Street for a day of hot rodding fun…Honest Charley Speed Shop will be open for business on Saturday, so come in and see what type of show specials are available. The main thing is to have fun and donate to the cause, but buying hot rod parts for your winter project is always a plus!

The 2017 NSRA Street Rod Nationals

It’s that time of year once again! We always look forward to the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, because it gives us a chance to catch up with our hot rod family. It also helps that the vendor area is in a giant air conditioned building–that certainly lightens the mood for everyone involved. We had an awesome event from start to finish, and sent a hot rodder home with a brand new Model A rolling chassis. Outside the vendor building, more than 10,000 street rods, customs and muscle cars packed into the Kentucky Exposition Center to enjoy four days of fun with some excellent weather. Sure, a few showers passed through, but the temperatures were great, and everyone had a good time in the sun on Saturday. Take a look at some of our favorite hot rods from the show, and be sure to give us a call at 1-888-795-7077 if you forgot to pick up some parts in Louisville!

The Great Race is Coming to Chattanooga!

This year, the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is paying a visit to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the racers are stopping right here at our place on the Southside of town! This isn’t the first time that the Great Race has visited Chattanooga, but we’re going to pull out all the stops to make it the best evening stop on the event! The streets around Honest Charley Speed Shop will be closed (think Chattanooga Cruise In style), and we’re hoping to PACK the streets with hot rods, muscle cars, restored classics and more to welcome the 120 Great Race teams as they enter the Chattanooga evening stop. It all happens Sunday, June 25th from 4 to 8pm Eastern time, and the first Great Race cars should begin arriving at 5:30pm. We plan to have the Speed Shop open, just like our regular cruise in events, so it’s a great chance to check out what’s going on at the world’s first mail order speed shop. The event is FREE to the public, and we’re expecting a great turnout!


We encourage all cruise in participants to arrive from 4pm to 5pm, and stick around until the final Great Race cars roll into the area at 7pm. We’ll have plenty of fun stuff to do, so bring your old car and bring your family to welcome these racers into town. The Great Race features 120 teams, all driving vehicles built in 1972 or earlier. The oldest vehicles in the race are from 1916, and they’re tackling a 2,300-mile trek from Jacksonville, Florida to Traverse City, Michigan, using the Dixie Highway as a guide. You’ll see a nice mixture of pre-WWII vehicles and ’50s classics, with some muscle cars throw in, too! The Chattanooga stop comes on the second day of the race, after a tough drive that starts in Tifton, Georgia Sunday morning. The plan is to line Chestnut Street with as many cruise in cars as possible, leaving enough room for the Great Racers to pass through to their finish line for the day. Bring your chairs, bring American flags and bring a smile because this is going to be awesome! If you’d like more information, please check out the Facebook event page, which will be updated regularly with schedules and other important info!