Dynamat–A Hot Rodder’s Best Friend

Hot rods were never meant to be luxurious places to kick your feet up and relax, but there comes a point when hot rodders “grow up” and need to control the noise and the temperature inside their car. We can all remember a time when making it louder, lighter, faster, etc. was the goal, but for a guy who wants to enjoy the tight confines of a Deuce coupe, insulation certainly helps. Early cars were small, so if you have a peppy exhaust note, conversations are nearly impossible, even though your shoulder is basically touching your passenger. Sound damping has come a long way, and we’re 100 percent believers in Dynamat products. We’ve used it in dozens of projects and it always makes a huge difference as a sound barrier and a heat barrier. We’re currently installing it in Mike Wolfe’s 1933 Ford five-window coupe. Even though the car is a little rough around the edges, the Dynamat will make it feel like a Cadillac when the Flathead V8 is humming down the road. This stuff is easy to install, and we have a lot of happy customers who buy it for ALL of their project cars. Get some for your hot rod, custom or muscle car and you’ll be a believer too!

Mike Wolfe’s 1933 Ford Hot Rod

Mike Wolfe Hot Rod
If you watch the American Pickers TV show on the History Channel, then you know that Mike Wolfe loves old motorcycles, bicycles and memorabilia. Through the years, he has tested the waters with a few hot rod projects, including a very cool Ford panel truck, and the car pictured here–a crusty 1933 Ford five-window coupe. The car has been a hot rod for lots of years, as evidenced by the parts that are in place, but a few major changes were made after Mike purchased the car on American Pickers. First, he had the top chopped a few inches to give it a menacing look, and he also had some of the structural rust repaired. Mike wanted the car to be road-worthy but he didn’t want to disrupt the character of the car in the process.