People Haulin’

140715_Honest_0003Darrell Passer probably uses the same logic as the rest of us, anything can become a cool hot rod. When he stumbled on this former New Mexico Ambulance, he was looking for a simple project with wheels. What he didn’t know was just how solid this van would turn out to be. (more…)

Kenny Rawson’s Cool ’57 Chevy Truck

Classic trucks are hot, and if it happens to be a Chevrolet product from ’47 to ’72, it’s even hotter. The mid-to-late ’50s is one of the greatest eras for classic Chevy pickups, as the distinct body lines offer great looks for a custom build. A longtime friend of Honest Charley Speed Shop, Kenny Rawson, stopped by in his ’57 Chevy pickup and we couldn’t help but show it off on our page. He’s from Orlando, Florida, and is on his way back from a huge road trip, so we’re glad he stopped by. Keep reading to see what makes this truck so cool!

Honest Charley-Built ’32 Ford Tackles the Great Race

The Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is the world’s leading vintage car rally, and we are big supporters of it! A few years ago, Corky Coker bought the Great Race organization, and revived the event, so we’ve been heavily involved in the production of the event and the race itself. Shop Manager, Greg Cunningham is actually a Great Race Grand Champion, and he has competed in the event for a number of years. His vehicle of choice is “GR3”, a 1932 Ford roadster pickup that we built specifically for rallying. (more…)

Hot Rod Feature: “Double Exposure” 1932 Ford Roadster

You may have seen it around at various car shows across the country (and it’s even been to Australia)–it’s the Double Exposure roadster, built right here at Honest Charley in 30 days, using ONLY off-the-shelf parts from Honest Charley and Coker Tire. It’s a great car, and though it has been built for a few years, it still gets lots of “exposure” wherever it goes. Keep reading to find out more about this famous hot rod.

Light Your Fire!

Mallory-Distributor-Flathead-FordYour engine’s ignition system should not be overlooked or taken lightly. Just because your old points-style ignition system works doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your car. We suggest upgrading to an electronic ignition setup for the sake of simplicity and reliability. We offer a couple different ways of handling it–you can add an electronic module to your current distributor or you can replace the entire distributor with a new electronic unit, from trusted brands such as MSD and Accel. Don’t let your engine suffer with a poor ignition system–turn up the heat with Ignition parts and accessories from Honest Charley!

The Sweet Sound of a Ford Flathead V8

Simple and sweet. The Ford Flathead V8 came along in 1932, and it stuck around until the ’50s. When an engine makes that sort of a run, you know it was a good idea. The Flathead V8 was not a powerhouse from the factory, but allowing the engine to breathe a little better sure made a big difference. In the case of this particular engine, it belongs to Wayne Pugh, who plans to stick it between the fenders of a 1940 Ford coupe, built Chuck Keene at Georgia Hot Rods. (more…)

Spencer’s Honest Bug


Honest Charley friend and customer Spencer Taylor is a man about town. It is Bug-a-Palüza weekend after all, and when there’s this much Fahrvergnügen going on in Chattanooga, you need to get out and soak it all up, right? The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student bought this 1966 Volkswagen Beetle his freshman year in high school, wrapped up the build his senior year and has been wrenching on it and driving the wheels off of it since. Spencer’s life as a car guy is a sealed deal, just as many other hot rodders got their start the exact same way, wrenching on the air-cooled wonder bugs! (more…)

Spring 2014 Chattanooga Cruise In Coverage

Chattanooga Cruise In 2014
Wow! That’s the word everyone said when they saw how huge of a turnout we had at the Spring 2014 Chattanooga Cruise In. What started as a 200-car event back in 2011 has turned into a 1,000+ car event. Our parking crew had to start turning folks away before lunch time, even though the event wasn’t advertised to start until noon. Folks came out early, and we were overwhelmed at times, but it was a great problem to have! Some of our crew was working the show at the Charlotte AutoFair, so we were a bit short-handed from the get-go, but it was a great day, and we enjoyed seeing thousands of folks walking the streets, buying T-shirts and enjoying more than 1,000 classic cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Looking for a New Project???

Yep, that’s right, we’re stackin’ ’em deep and sellin’ ’em cheap! We’re having a Barn Find Blowout Sale, and you can get your hands on one (or more) of the cars from Corky Coker’s huge collection. He’s selling lots of his project cars, and making room for new ones. You can check out the details on many of the cars on our website. Click here to view!

Everything from bare bones projects to fully restored classics are on the auction block, and ready to go to a new owner. We have domestic and foreign, new and old, so look through our listings, and check back often because we are continuing to add new cars and trucks on a regular basis. If you have any questions you can call us toll free and 1-877-295-2049 and follow the options on the recording to reach Mike Goodman for assistance. {{products}}

Barn Find Report: 1947 Chrysler Town & Country

1947 Chrysler Town & Country Barn FindIn the grand scheme of these things, the collector car community is a small world. Car enthusiasts cross paths often, and when old cars change hands, it can sometimes come full circle. In the case of this 1947 Chrysler Town & Country, it was restored by Harold Coker in the early ’70s and proved to be a time capsule, as it was in dry storage from 1975 until now. Check out this amazing find, featured on the season finale of Backroad Gold, and see what we did to bring it back to life. (more…)