Barn Find Report: 1962 Chrysler Station Wagon

1962 Chrysler Town & Country Station WagonThe season finale of the Backroad Gold TV show on the Travel Channel featured not one, but two Chrysler Town & Country barn finds. How’d we pull that off? A little bit of luck goes a long way! We spotted an old Chrysler station wagon, and when we arrived at the barn, Corky ended up knowing the owner, so he struck up a deal and we hauled the wagon home to Chattanooga. It’s a cool piece and it’s already on its way to being back on the road. (more…)

Barn Fresh Packard Finds A New Home

1934 Packard on Backroad Gold
Around here, it’s not too hard to find an old Ford or Chevy sitting in a barn, but a Packard? Yeah, that’s a whole different ball game, and it’s a rare day in the life of a barnstormer. We found this one in Flintstone, Georgia, and jumped on it, because it came with enough parts to complete the car, and get started on another one. The car is a 1934 Packard coupe roadster with the original straight eight engine. It’s a high dollar piece, and we’re glad to have saved it.

Barn Find Report: 1947 ACF Brill Bus, “The TenneSEEr”

Tennesseer Tour Bus on Backroad Gold
The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the project, right? Yep, that pretty much sums it up! We stumbled across this vintage bus during the filming of the Backroad Gold TV show, and had intentions of a quick clean up, but that morphed into a full on restoration. Isn’t that how it always goes? Anyway, we worked it over pretty good, giving it a lot of attention mechanically and cosmetically. See how we transformed a neglected tour bus into a beautiful piece of Chattanooga history!

Barnstormin’ in Georgia!

Backroad Gold TV ShowThere are thousands of barns here in the Southeast, and you just never know what might be hiding inside. For our most recent Barnstormin’ adventure on Backroad Gold, we didn’t have to travel too far, as our lead sent us to Lafayette, Georgia. When we got there, we didn’t have to wonder what was in the barn, because there were dozens of old cars and trucks sitting outside the barn, all over the farm! The majority of the cars were from the ’50s, and that’s exactly what we like! Keep reading to see more of the collection!

Barn Find Report: 1955 Willys Jeep

Willys Jeep on Backroad GoldEven though some of our staff here at Honest Charley might be from other parts of the country, we’re all country boys at heart. That’s why this ’55 Willys Jeep reached out and grabbed us, when we found it during the filming of Backroad Gold. It had certainly seen better days, but the core parts were there and we were ready to take it back home to Chattanooga as soon as we laid eyes on it. Keep reading to find out how we transformed this barn fresh relic into a fully restored off-road classic. (more…)

Spring Cleaning!

DSC_3694It’s not just an excuse for you to clean out the garage…it’s an excuse to clean your car, and make a check list of maintenance, repairs and simple upgrades. If you put off these repairs until car show and cruise in season starts, you may be asking for trouble. A good, thorough cleaning will give you the chance to really focus on the car, and notice any leaks or areas of concern. Check tire pressure, check fluids and check the brakes before hitting the road.

Barnstormin’ in South Carolina

1936 Pierce Arrow Barn FindOur barnstormin’ adventures with the Backroad Gold TV Show sent us on a mission to South Carolina with a lead on an abandoned piece of automotive history. It had been in a dairy barn for decades, owned by twin brothers who drove it around the farm many years ago. Since then, it had not seen much attention, until we barged into its hiding place and dragged it out. Keep reading to find out more about this rare sedan (more…)

Barn Find Report: 1956 Chevy 210 Two-Door Post

1956 Chevy 210 on Backroad Gold TV ShowAhh yes, a bad to the bone ’56 Chevy. Some people call it a shoebox, some people call it a Tri-Five…we just call it cool! We found this one on our adventures with the Backroad Gold TV show, which airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 Eastern on the Travel Channel. The car looked to be in good shape, but the deeper we dug, the more problems we found. By the time it was all said and done, we essentially started from scratch on this build. Despite the many hours of thrashing on this classic Chevy, we love the custom look, with a lowered stance, modern wheels and traditionally detailed engine bay. See how it all came together right here! (more…)

Barnstormin’ in California

Backroad Gold TV ShowOur adventures with the Backroad Gold TV Show led us to California to check out a collection of rare and unusual cars from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. As always, we didn’t leave empty-handed, returning back to Tennessee with a super solid, mostly original Lincoln Zephyr and a vibrant American Austin Bantam roadster that will look right at home in Corky’s museum. Keep reading to find out more about this awesome stop on our whirlwind barn find tour of the West Coast. (more…)

Barn Find Report: 1956 Plymouth Belvedere

1956 Plymouth Belvedere on Backroad GoldHave you ever wondered how and when the big fins of the late ’50s originated? You’re looking at it! You might’ve thought finned quarter panels got a kickstart when the 1957 Chevrolet rolled off the showroom floor. However, in 1956, Plymouth revised its Belvedere model to include stylish new fins on the quarter panels. It’s previous year model had a similar overall appearance, but lacked the cool, new fins for 1956.This is our latest barn find that was documented on Backroad Gold, which airs at 9:30pm Eastern on Wednesday nights. To find out more about Corky Coker and his experience with the Backroad Gold TV show, check out Corky’s latest blog “Like Sorghum Molasses on Cathead Biscuits”.