Beat the Heat!

Run ins with the police department usually spells trouble for us, but a group of law-abiding citizens as well as police officers, found a way to go fast and inform young adults about the dangers of street racing. The organization is called Beat the Heat, and each racecar is lettered up just like a standard police car, even if it’s not your typical police car platform. There are Corvettes, Mustangs, pickup trucks, and even a radical Porsche!

Beat the Heat held its World Finals event right here in Chattanooga last weekend, and had all sorts of activities leading up to the main event at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip. One activity was a downtown car show at the Aquarium, then a cruise down Chestnut street, where the cars would park here at the Coker Tire and Honest Charley Speed Shop employee parking lot. We had a great time seeing these distinct drag racing cars, as well as catching up with the local racers who participate in the program. Joe Warren, an active police officer in the area, campaigns a fox body Mustang, which is sponsored by Honest Charley Speed Shop! Check out the pictures, and learn more about the organization by visiting!