Watch Your Carbs


No, we’re not talking about your diet–we’re talking about carburetors. They’re an important part of making your hot rod run like a scalded dog, but we often interact with customers who are having issues from a carburetor they bought at a swap meet. We love scrounging for parts at swap meets just as much as anyone, but buying a used carburetor is not always a good idea. If you find a great deal, and have intentions of rebuilding the carburetor to suit your needs, then go for it…but if you’re planning to simply bolt it on and hit the road, it may not be quite that simple.


Fall 2013 Chattanooga Cruise In

Chattanooga Cruise In

We always know we’re in for a lot of work during the fall months, due to a number of events, and this year was absolutely the most action-packed September in our history. The Street Rodder Road Tour passed through on Thursday, the 5th, then we had the Chattanooga Cruise In on Saturday, the 7th, and then the Glidden Tour festivities here in Chattanooga the following week. Let’s look a little closer at the Chattanooga Cruise In and check out all the cool stuff that rolled in!


The Road Tour Passes through Chattanooga!

Street Rodder Road Tour

We gave you the inside scoop on the 2013 Street Rodder Road Tour car, as it was being fabricated, assembled and finished by Honest Charley Garage. And now, the ’51 Ford Custom is doing its thing, traveling from city to city and stopping at a bunch of awesome car shows and shops. The Road Tour stopped here on Thursday, as the group of street rodders headed north to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the Shades of the Past car show.


A Crazy Hot Rodder Headed to Bonneville!

Anglia Ute Road Trip

You may take a summer vacation to Disney World, dragging your wife and kids along the way. That’s perfectly normal and acceptable. But when it comes to a MAN-cation, our new buddy Adam nailed it. He decided to hop in his incredibly awesome Anglia Ute, leave his home in Florida and head across country with a final destination of the Bonneville Salt Flats for the World of Speed event. This thing is rocking a blown and injected small block Chevy, spindle mount front runner wheels and NO front brakes. Adam is our new hero.


Charge It!


Charging systems are always a challenge on old cars. Regardless of your plans to restore it or make it a hot rod, you’ll likely want to get rid of the old six-volt charging system. Stepping up to a 12-volt system is quite simple these days, and you can even keep the same old school looks of a generator with Powermaster’s Powergen unit for Ford Flathead engines. These units are designed to have the old school looks, but offer a one-wire connection and 75-amp max output! They are the perfect addition to a traditional-styled Flathead that will see some action on the highway!


World’s Greatest Hot Rod Coincidence


Yesterday, we were doing our thing in the Speed Shop…selling parts, helping customers and checking inventory…an average day at Honest Charley. Then, a couple of guests came through the door and they talked real funny, so we had to figure out where they came from. As it turns out, they’re from New Zealand, and they’ve spent the last few months touring the United States in an awesome 1959 Pontiac Bonneville! So, then, after they went on their way, a super cool ’40 Ford coupe rolls up, and two more hot rodders from New Zealand get out! Can you believe that? Two totally separate couples from New Zealand, who are touring the United States in an old car. That is the definition of cool.

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Don’t Scratch It!

Honest Charley Fender Cover

Ain’t that what mama always said about ‘skeeter bites? Well, we’re talking about your paint job, and that’s something you definitely don’t want to scratch. We have just the solution…it certainly isn’t an innovative new product, but you gotta have one! It’s a fender cover, with our Honest Charley Speed Shop logo on it! This thing is durable and it’ll keep your paint lookin’ brand new, even if you’re thrashing on your engine all the time.

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Street Rodder Road Tour–1951 Ford

Street Rodder Road Tour 2013

Almost a year in the making, the 2013 Street Rodder Road Tour car is complete! We thrashed to get it finished in time for the Hot Rod Power Tour’s visit here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then put the finishing touches on it before it headed out to St. Paul, Minnesota for its first true outing. We’ve posted tons of progress pictures, so enjoy a look at the finished product!


Measuring Wheel Backspacing

Wheel Backspacing

We get all sorts of questions here at the Speed Shop, and one of our most common questions involves fitting custom wheels and tires. To get the right look, you really need to study your car, and make some important measurements. It’s also important to know the particular measurements if you’re planning to do your wheel and tire shopping at a swap meet. Always carry a measuring tape with you, so you can get a quick measurement.


Hot Rod Reunion–Gassers Galore!

Hot Rod Reunion

We love sneaking off to hot rod events near our headquarters here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We’re just a couple hours away from Atlanta, a couple from Nashville and a little over 3 hours away from Bowling Green, Kentucky, home of the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion at historic Beech Bend Raceway Park. It’s an incredible event if you like hot rods, muscle cars, drag cars, swap meets and just about anything in between.