Harold’s 1913 Underslung Restored

1913 American UnderslungAfter a full frame-off restoration, Harold Coker’s 1913 American Underslung is ready to hit the road. As the guys get the car ready for the first few shakedown runs, Harold and Greg Cunningham offer some impressions of the car and the restoration for the camera. The American Underslung may very well be the first “lowered” production car thanks to it’s then-unusual leaf spring configurations. Also check out the video of pinstriper Howard Horn as he lays down stripes on this classic.


Hot Rods are Meant to be Driven!

Model A Road Trip

We love it when a dude hops in an old car and drives it across the country. That’s exactly what John Gilbert is doing with this crazy chopped Model A coupe. John works for a guy that buys and sells cars, and caught wind that he had purchased this Model A on eBay. The car lived in Saint Augustine, Florida and John happens to live in Southern California. Instead of paying $1,500 to ship the car across the country, John elected himself to drive it the whole way!

The Nationals!

2012 NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky

That’s what we call it around here, but the long version is the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. We go up there every year to join more than 10,000 of our closest street rodding friends, and this year was no different. We had a great event with lots of great business, but we also got the chance to look around the fairgrounds and see the awesome cars in attendance.

Remember the Days of Shop Class?


Unfortunately, our youth may not have the chance to experience all of the fun and skill-building instruction that shop class offered for so many years. Vocational classes are an endangered species these days, and it will take a big effort to keep shop class alive here in the United States. Luckily, the Collectors Foundation is supporting the cause whole-heartedly and actually developed a program called, “Bring Back Shop Class”, which encourages experiences in the manual arts for high school age youth.

American Pinstriping

When Howard Horn picked up a paint brush in the late 1970s he didn’t know he was picking up a career choice. Howard’s been lettering and pinstriping his way through cars, trucks and signs across the country. He’s worked on early cars, semi trucks, motorcycles and everything in between through the last five decades. (more…)

T-Buckets Come to Honest Charley!

Honest Charley Speed Shop is known for its deep roots in the hot rodding industry, and T-Buckets have been a big part of the scene for many years. In fact, Mike Goodman (Honest Mike) built a T-Bucket in the ’70s and drove it all over the United States. Now, the National T-Bucket Alliance is bringing its yearly gathering to Chattanooga, Tennessee! The main part of the event is the big car show on Saturday, June 23rd. It’s held right here on the streets surrounding Honest Charley! (more…)

NSRA Street Rod Nationals South

NSRA Street Rod Nationals South 2012

It’s really great to have a national street rod event just up the road from our shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Even if we don’t set up as a vendor at these semi-local shows, we always like to go check ’em out, to see all the cars and potentially find a cool deal in the swap meet. We went up to the NSRA Street Rod Nationals South this past weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee and had a great time.


Davenport Deuce Update!

Will Davenport Deuce Roadster

Will Davenport is a dedicated Honest Charley Speed Shop customer. We’ve been working with him to provide all the parts for his ’32 Ford roadster build, and it’s really looking good! Will keeps us posted on his progress by sending pictures and messages along the way. We’re glad to have him as a customer, and he’s sure to have some fun behind the wheel of this Flathead powered Deuce highboy! Check it out!

Cruise In Again!

For those of you who came out for our Cruise In last September, you know it was a great event, with 300 of the coolest cars and trucks in this area. It was so successful that we’re doing it again in 2012–one in the spring and one in the fall! Our first Cruise In will be held April 21st, from 4-9pm and we plan to block off even more surrounding streets, because we expect more cars, and more people to check it out! We’ll have an open house, and our neighbors at Coker Tire and Honest Charley Garage will also be providing free tours, which will include the Coker Tire Museum! (more…)

New Shirts!

We’ve noticed over the years that people love Honest Charley T-shirts, so a few years ago, several new designs were introduced to add a little spice to the regular Honest logo shirt. The new shirts were quite popular, but many of them have certainly run their course on the market, so we’re ready to throw in some new ideas and get some fresh shirts out there. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop carrying all of our other shirts…it just means you’ll have some new designs to choose from! (more…)