Honest Charley Hisself

Every day we think about Charley Card and we try to emulate his way of doing business in each and every customer interaction. We always treat our customers like our best friends, the way ol’ Honest Charley Hisself would’ve treated them. We have huge footsteps to fill, but it’s our job (and our passion) to treat you right and keep your hot rod on the road. While flipping through the January 2012 issue of the SEMA News magazine, we found a pleasant surprise on pages 106 and 107….a full spread on Honest Charley Card and the legacy he built! Drew Hardin wrote a nice article about Honest Charley Speed Shop and the photo is SO cool! The print is way too small to read, so click the photo to make it bigger and give it a good read…we enjoyed it and you will too!

Hot Rods in Paradise

Paradise Drag Strip Nostalgia Drag Racing

We have a thing for hot rods, and historic drag strips are a huge part of the hot rodding community. Drag strips played a big part in promoting the hobby back in the day, and the ones that are still around do a great job of keeping the vintage spirit alive. We thoroughly enjoy visiting Paradise Drag Strip, especially when they’re having a nostalgia drag meet.


Hot Rod Instruments

In the world of hot rodding, there are plenty of instruments, just like in a band. Exhaust notes are playing a fine tune, while the wine of the transmission or a quick change rear end definitely adds to the symphony. However, the instrument we want to talk about today doesn’t make any noise at all, but it’s a vital part of your car, no matter what you drive. Instruments (aka gauges) tell you what’s going on inside your engine, but they can also add a great deal of style to your car’s interior. Without a doubt, the leader in hot rod gauges is Classic Instruments, so we teamed up with them to sell their products. We also had them make some very cool Honest Charley Speed Shop gauges. (more…)

Coker Tire & Honest Charley Cruise In

A while back, we got the wild idea to have a cruise in out in front of the shop, because we’ve received so many requests for this type of event. There are tons of cruise ins in the area, but there aren’t many that have so much cool stuff to offer. (more…)

Beat the Heat!

Run ins with the police department usually spells trouble for us, but a group of law-abiding citizens as well as police officers, found a way to go fast and inform young adults about the dangers of street racing. The organization is called Beat the Heat, and each racecar is lettered up just like a standard police car, even if it’s not your typical police car platform. There are Corvettes, Mustangs, pickup trucks, and even a radical Porsche! (more…)

100% Honest Fabrication

As we were continuing to recover from the NSRA Nationals today, we had a gentleman by the name of Mickey Arp stop by the shop in his very cool roadster pickup. He says the truck is titled as a 1923 Model T Commercial Vehicle, but the creation is all his own. From the chassis and suspension to the engine and body, the little pickup is all Mickey. Of course, we couldn’t resist the urge to pull him in front of the shop and snap a few pictures. Oh, and by the way…the wood on the bed is 50-year old Walnut. TOO COOL! Check it out!


The Nationals!

If you’re the least bit interested in hot rods then you know August is a big month, because of the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve heard it called The Nationals, The Nats, Louisville (pronounced loo-vull), but whatever you call it….it’s BIG. We go up there every year as it’s the best place to see all the new trends, and it’s a good place for us to sell a few hot rod parts! This year, we saw a bunch of cool cars, and met some new friends along the way, so check out our pictures and make sure to check out an NSRA show in the future!


‘Round the World in a Deuce Coupe

Hot rodding is about bragging rights for the most part. The battle for the most horsepower has always been a top priority, but for Clay Miller bragging rights come in the form of a long distance trip. He will truly be one of the only hot rodders to have driven his ’32 Ford across the world….not just across the United States, but across the WORLD.

Here's how Clay's coupe looked when it arrived at Honest Charley.

It’s an amazing feat for any car, but for a car with 80-year old technology, it’s almost unheard of….almost. Back in 1908, a group of hardcore racers participated in the Great Automobile Race, seeing who could get from New York to Paris, France the quickest. In the end, the Americans won, behind the wheel of a Thomas Flyer. These days, there are no official races of this magnitude, but a group of modern day rally racers decided to embark on this incredible journey. One such individual is Clay Miller, piloting a Brookville-bodied ’32 Ford coupe.

The coupe was built right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by our buddies around the corner at Honest Charley Garage. They called us up for a BUNCH of parts for Clay’s car, so we’re proud to see it partake in such a huge challenge. Clay and his grandson, Blake Garrison are well on their way on the trip, but it hasn’t been easy. He’s experienced lots of problems out on the road, but that’s all part of driving this many miles. The cars left New York on April 14th, and the race is scheduled to finish on July 21st….that’s a lot of driving!!!

With a little over a week left to go, the Miller-Garrison team are on the road in Russia. Take a look at their website, to see Blake’s blogs about the trip. He has documented their experiences very, very well, so it’s well worth the time to read each one. We’re glad to have been a part of this build, and hope we can help the guys at Honest Charley Garage with more of their projects! Here’s the link to Blake’s blog: http://millergarrison.com/updates/.

Model A + HEMI = HOT ROD

There’s no denying the fact that hot rodding was born from folks sticking a big engine in a lightweight chassis. Horsepower-to-weight ratio has always been a big concern, but things calmed down in the ’70s, when folks wanted to get out and drive without spending a ton of money on fuel. This trend is still going on these days, but every once in a while, you run across a hot rod that completely lives up to its name. This Model A coupe is one of those hot rods!


Hot Rodders En Route to Nashville!

Anytime there’s a show nearby, we usually get a few visitors in hot rods, because Honest Charley is a nice place to stop for a travel break. We have a couple of good restaurants nearby, and plenty of cool stuff to look at, so it’s usually a good lunch stop for people on their way to an event. This time it’s the Goodguys Nashville Nationals, held at LP Field in Nashville. The show is going on this weekend, so Jerry Crawford and a group of friends decided to stop by on their way up the road!

Jerry is behind the wheel of a two-tone pickup, which has all late model running gear from a Mercury Grand Marquis, including a fuel injected 5.0-liter small block Ford. The other vehicle is a ’58 Chevrolet Impala, which is bright red and absolutely covered in chrome! The Impala is powered by an all aluminum LS1 engine, which makes plenty of power and is super dependable.

They’ve probably made it to Nashville by now, but we greatly enjoyed their visit here at the shop. They also toured the Coker Tire facility, so we’re sure they had a good time!