Barn Find Report: International Scout–Spirit of ’76

International Scout Spirit of 76 Barn Find

Honest Charley handles a lot of different tasks on a day to day basis, from a tune up on a Model T to a complete restoration of a 1976 International Scout. An International Scout? Yes sir, but it’s not just any ol’ Scout. It’s called the Spirit of ’76, and it’s a special edition that was produced in the USA’s bicentennial year, when patriotism was at an all time high. Only 384 of these special Scouts left the showroom floor (aka the International Harvester tractor dealership). The truck was featured on the series premier of Backroad Gold, a weekly TV show that airs on the Travel Channel on Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST. Keep reading to see what makes this Scout so cool! (more…)

Clean Threads


No, we’re not talkin’ about your clothes! We’re talking about the threads that let your bolts take a bite, and keep your car from falling apart! Any time you’re building an engine, rebuilding your suspension or basically anything that involves critical nuts and bolts, be sure to keep a tap nearby to clean the threads. Rust can cause serious corrosion inside the bolt holes, which means that your bolt may break off before you ever get it completely snugged down tight. (more…)

It’s time to Cruise!


We stay busy around here. You can probably tell from all of the pictures and videos that we post, but we really do stay buried in work. It takes a lot of hard work to get all of the products and services that we offer out the door and to our car buddies all over the world. In the middle of this hurricane of work, we still like to remember that you guys make it all possible for us. (more…)

Check out the Promo Video for Backroad Gold TV Show!

This is it! We’re super excited to show you guys the promo video for our new TV show, “Backroad Gold” which debuts on the Travel Channel Wednesday, February 5th at 9:30pm EST. The first season features eight awesome episodes, so you can look forward to watching us fix up old Barn Finds for eight straight weeks (Wednesday nights at 9:30)! The promo video gives you a sneak peek of the show, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it! Tune in and see what kind of stuff we find!

Starter Up!


Around here, it’s not uncommon to hear a car guy holler out, “START ‘ER UP”, and sometimes it isn’t that easy. We’ve run into lots of problems over the years, and stock starters always seem to give up at the most inconvenient times…ya know, the times when you want your hot rod to start! On all hot rods, regardless of the type of engine, we suggest a high-torque starter, as they’ll easily spin over your engine, even if it has high compression. We have a few high torque starters in stock and ready to ship to your door! One of our most popular starters is this Powermaster unit for ’32 to ’53 Ford Flatheads!

Honest Charley Featured in New TV Show “Backroad Gold”


We are very excited to announce that “Backroad Gold” will debut on the Travel Channel on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, airing at 9:30pm EST. The show follows Corky Coker and his son-in-law, Greg Cunningham (Honest Charley Garage Shop Manager), as they seek out barn finds across the Southeast. Honest Charley is featured throughout the TV series, which has an eight-episode first season.


Need for Speed?


Do you have a need for speed? Or at least a need to know your speed? Well, we have a quick and easy solution to make your old transmission communicate with an electronic speedometer. Old school transmissions used a cable-drive speedometer, and many aftermarket gauge companies feature electric speedometers. This Auto Meter Speedo Sender features 7/8-18 threads, and threads into most GM and Chrysler transmissions providing an electric signal to the speedometer. An electric speedometer sender is a small part but it certainly relieves a lot of hot rodder headaches!


Lencki Six–An Indy Legend Lives Again

Lencki Six Engine

Indy car racing, much like all other forms of motorsports, has transformed into a multi-million dollar industry, and if you consider the high tech machines from the F1 series in the “Indy car” world, then you’re looking as some big time dollar signs. As a throwback to the good ol’ days of Indy racing, Corky Coker has revived a legendary power plant, which he calls “an Offy on steroids”. It’s called the Lencki Six and it’s an updated version of an Indy racing engine that debuted in the 1939 Indy 500.


Camshaft Break In Tips


Camshaft break-in is a hot topic, mainly because a lot of folks have done it wrong. It’s a critical part of new engine start-up procedure, or even just a camshaft upgrade. To make sure your camshaft survives the stress of the first few minutes of run time, check out these tips and put them to use on your new build.

SEMA 2013 Coverage

SEMA 2013
We didn’t have a booth setup at the 2013 SEMA Show, but our neighbors at Coker Tire sent us some cool pictures to post here. Our guys in the Honest Charley Garage had a lot of work to do to help prepare Coker for its big SEMA event, so we were proud to see our craftsmanship on display to more than 100,000 car guys. Take a look at some of the cool stuff from SEMA, and look forward to another new blog regarding the new Lencki Six engine that we helped recreate!