Barn Find Report: 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

1970 Mercury Cyclone SpoilerYou want rare? We found a rare bird…a 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. By 1970, the muscle car wars were in full swing, and the Cyclone was heavily influenced by trends in NASCAR. It featured a fastback-style roof line, and the special edition “Spoiler” package featured front and rear spoilers to help with aerodynamics. Also part of the Spoiler option package was a 429 Cobra Jet engine, as well as a cool decal and emblem package. A total of 1,631 Cyclone Spoilers were built in 1970 with a price tag of $3,530, and this is one of ’em! Keep reading to learn more about this rare muscle car!
1970 Mercury Cyclone SpoilerSo, how did we know it was a REAL Spoiler, and not a clone? We decoded the VIN, which was actually very simple. On 1970 Mercury Cyclones, the VIN should start with the number zero, which indicates the 1970 model. Next is the letter H, which indicates it was manufactured in the Lorian plant. The next two digits are the most important–17 indicates that this is a true Cyclone Spoiler, and the following letter “C” tells us that the 429 Cobra Jet engine was original for this car. A little bit of homework goes a LONG way when you need to act quickly and strike up a deal. Let’s learn more about the Cyclone Spoiler package.
1970 Mercury Cyclone SpoilerThe 1970 Mercury Cyclone was available with a few option packages. You could get the standard Cyclone, the GT and the Spoiler. All three were available with many engine options, but ours features the 429ci Cobra Jet power plant, which makes 370 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque and propelled this heavy Mercury from 0-60 in 6.4 seconds. It ran the quarter mile in 14.5 seconds, at just under 100 miles per hour, but magazine tests from 1970 proved that Spoilers would easily get into the 13’s. Buyers had the option for an automatic or four-speed manual transmission–ours is an automatic. Buyers also had the option for air conditioning…only a few hundred Spoilers left the factory with air, and ours is in that group.
1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
1970 Mercury Cyclone SpoilerInside, bucket seats, and a stylish dash and console gave the Mercury Cyclone plenty of style in the muscle car era. Outside, Competition Yellow coats our Cyclone Spoiler, although it has been repainted at some point in its lifetime. Styled steel wheels roll on all four corners, and the guys at the shop will certainly installed a fresh set of tires and wheels as soon as this car receives some attention.
1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler
1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

22 thoughts on “Barn Find Report: 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

  1. I love that beautiful cyclone how much do you want for it I use to have one it had a 351M in it I had it for 22 years and lost my job and couldn’t keep it man I cryed that was my baby

  2. Anthony on said:

    Don’t let the Fairlane / Torino guys steer you wrong. The C code 429CJ in a 1970 Spoiler had Ram Air as a standard feature. It did not need to have the J in the vin to be a Ram Air car.

  3. What a great find!
    I have one almost exactly like it I’m working on…yellow/blk/auto. (I wish mine had A/C!)
    Please, do the research and restore this car correctly as it deserves.
    There’s a lot of little details to get right, and your car has obviously has been changed.
    Right off the bat, obviously the tape stripe’s been replaced with something someone made…and that hood stripe is not original. Those were added to the “factory” dealer race program cars.
    Spoilers came standard with a passenger side “racing” mirror on the door. (I’d imagine your door’s been replaced?)
    There should also be wheelwell moldings as well as trunklid edge moulding.
    The rear wing should be painted body color, recesses inside the taillight panel openings should be painted silver. Correct reproduction tailpipe extensions are available.
    And the Ford Magnum wheels were not an option on any Mercurys. (I spy 69 Shelby center caps)
    And yes, we do want to see your Marti Report with all the details to see exactly how and when this beast rolled into it’s first owner’s hands.
    BTW, As previously mentioned, yes, all 70 Spoilers came standard with a 429CJ w/Ram Air. SCJ optional. All will have the C in the vin regardless.
    Great find.

  4. steve rieckhoff on said:

    i love cyclones and have had 17 different ones and know these cars inside and out plus can help w parts. im loving this yellow one as it reminds me of the very 1st cyclone i ever saw as a kid and was that particular car that changed my life and got me into the cyclones. great find and i love it ! take it easy , steve in dallas

    • Rick Utzig on said:

      Hi Steve, I’m restoring a 1970 cyclone gt. 1 0f 73 with the 429 scj ram air induction, 3.91 drag pack. Trying to find the side body molding trim. Do you have any trim? If so I would be interested in buying some. Thanks Rick

    • Larry Forbes on said:

      I had a green Gt/Black interior w/351 Automatic. Loved the car but got married and need to sell. I am looking for one like I had. Any help would be nice. I am not one that can do restoration myself so would like one that is restored.Thanks Larry

    • Jim Fenn on said:

      Friend of mine is looking to sell his 70H16N57xxxxx car
      1970 Cyclone GT 429 4 sp 130k miles, 1 re-spray, light green color needing most interior redone and full paint, some mechanicals. Since you have had many of these, I would like to talk with you. I don’t want to post my number. I have lots of hi res pics. Any way you can email me your number?

    • Brian Buckley on said:

      I just bought 2 of these yesterday in a package deal. I would love to talk to you to get more insight on them. Call if you can. Thanks. Brian. 530-723-2145

  5. I have a 70gt with 351c that i am trying to put together car has 89kmiles been parked for more than 30 years needs alot of tlc but needing some parts if anyone can help grill parts, door panel parts,console etc maybe other items as well if can help please email me and i will give you my phone number thanks also i am in west texas would also like to get rid of this car if someone else is interested in it.

  6. I also had one, simply loved it – but I was in a head-on on freeway (not my fault) and you can guess the car was totaled.
    Mine had the 429 SCJ (with a “C” code: 0H17C525307 if I remember correctly. But it had the solid lifters, 780 CFM Holley with center pivot floats, 4.30 read and heavy duty C6. Also had a factory installed sunroof installed at Dearborn. Man, I wish I still had that car…

  7. Warren Baughman on said:

    I have a 1970 Cyclone that is to far gone to restore. Many parts for sale, Good doors, trim, some good interior parts plus other stuff. call me and see if I have what you need. 740-704-8603. Located in southeast Ohio

    • Ron Koleber on said:

      Looking for parts for my 70 Cyclone. Rear sail panels, rear view mirror, horn assembly What do you have and in what condition? Best regards, Ron

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