Authentic Wood Grain Services at Honest Charley

Honest Charley Wood Graining Services
You may know Honest Charley as the world’s first mail order speed shop. But we also have a passion for servicing hot rods and restored classic cars, and we have a staff that can do just about anything. One of the many services offered by our shop is original style or custom wood grain. We do it with the same methods as Henry Ford, but we are proud to say that we take our time and handle each project as a full restoration. This certainly isn’t a production line operation, but you can expect a quick turn around, depending on the condition of the parts. We specialize in wood grain painting on dash and interior trim, including garnish moldings. Early Fords, specifically those from the (late) 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s featured burl and straight wood grain finishes, and we have authentic patterns for proper restorations. We handle it all in house, right here in the birthplace of Honest Charley–Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Wood graining is a lost art, and it’s something that we take very seriously. We use authentic techniques, but we use modern paint materials to achieve an excellent finish quality. The wood graining process is time consuming and tedious, and Johnathan Sullivan takes great pride in each project. When the parts and pieces arrive in our shop, the first step is to inspect the items, and then media blast them to remove any previous paint, primer, filler or surface rust. Then, the pieces are sprayed with etching primer to preserve the vintage steel, and we will then apply epoxy primer as the pieces are being prepped for paint. If the pieces are damaged, we will handle the metal work and accompanying body work to make the repair. We use PPG paint materials and we cure the materials between each primer and paint process to ensure proper adhesion and a long lasting finish.
Pricing varies, depending on the year, make and model of the car, as well as the condition of the parts, so it’s best to contact one of our sales reps here at Honest Charley for more information. We offer wood grain services for 1928 through 1948 Ford passenger cars, with prices starting at $800, and we also offer wood grain services for other makes and models as well. We’re also excited about doing custom patterns and layouts for ’60s customs, hot rods, gassers–we can do it all! Call us toll free 1-877-746-3448 to get an estimate and see how Honest Charley can help get your project finished with high quality parts, as well as custom wood graining services. Check out our photos from some of our most recent wood grain jobs, from a 1932 Ford dash and garnish moldings to other early Ford interior pieces.

To finish off the job, we build custom crates and ship the finished pieces to your door!

To finish off the job, we build custom crates and ship the finished pieces to your door!


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