The Nationals!

If you’re the least bit interested in hot rods then you know August is a big month, because of the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve heard it called The Nationals, The Nats, Louisville (pronounced loo-vull), but whatever you call it….it’s BIG. We go up there every year as it’s the best place to see all the new trends, and it’s a good place for us to sell a few hot rod parts! This year, we saw a bunch of cool cars, and met some new friends along the way, so check out our pictures and make sure to check out an NSRA show in the future!

This cool roadster pickup was pulling an old trailer with a belly tanker on it!

CHECK IT OUT! This thing is awesome!

The belly tank racecar is powered by a hopped up Ford V8-60 flathead!

This deeply channeled Model A coupe got LOTS of attention all weekend.

We also liked this traditionally styled pickup. Nice stance, and very nice tire and wheel combination!

We ran into Chad Adams and saw a couple of his newest cars...a pale yellow Deuce roadster and a deep blue Deuce roadster. Super clean cars as always!

Cheater slicks, a catchy name, and a straight axle....sounds the perfect recipe for a Henry J gasser!

This is one of the cleanest Model A coupes we've ever was in the Builder's Showcase in the lobby. So NICE!

Chopped, channeled, sliced, diced, slammed....there are several good ways to describe this bare metal A-bone.

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