Hot Rod Instruments

In the world of hot rodding, there are plenty of instruments, just like in a band. Exhaust notes are playing a fine tune, while the wine of the transmission or a quick change rear end definitely adds to the symphony. However, the instrument we want to talk about today doesn’t make any noise at all, but it’s a vital part of your car, no matter what you drive. Instruments (aka gauges) tell you what’s going on inside your engine, but they can also add a great deal of style to your car’s interior. Without a doubt, the leader in hot rod gauges is Classic Instruments, so we teamed up with them to sell their products. We also had them make some very cool Honest Charley Speed Shop gauges.
John McLeod owns Classic Instruments, and his devotion to a quality product comes from his strong passion for hot rods. Classic Instruments builds gauges for all makes and models, and specializes in restoring vintage gauge clusters to better-than-new standards. Our buddy Gerry Burger just had his ’40 Ford pickup gauge cluster restored by the folks at Classic Instruments, and let’s just say that it’s nothing short of spectacular. The colors and details are flawless and the gauges work perfectly. If you’d like more information about Classic Instruments, check out their website at or you can see many of their products on our website, {{products}}