Mike Goodman Reports from Day Two of the Driven Dirty Tour

It’s that time of year again! With cooler temperatures and fall foliage comes the SEMA show, which generally falls in late October/early November. Honest Mike Goodman hopped in his ’32 Ford five-window with his good pal (and Honest Charley customer) Wayne Pugh alongside.

This long haul is called the Driven Dirty Tour, and it will consist of a dozen or so hot rods driving to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a pretty cool deal, and we’ll keep you up to date on their progress. Check out the Facebook page for a full gallery of photos from the Driven Dirty Tour–here’s the link:


Here’s some highlights from the boys’ departure from Chattanooga.Mike Goodman and Wayne Pugh are on the road with the Driven Dirty Tour, and Mike is never at a loss for words, so here’s his review of the tour so far!

Posies’ 3-W passenger side door has come open three times now. You’d think he’d catch on! First time on “on ramp”-no damage. Second time on X-way at speed–HUGE damage to door and quarter panel, but the door will close if you slam it brutally. Third time- (yesterday) on way to breakfast–so much previous damage it’s like what the hell.

Scott Whitaker…he owns Dynamat. Driving a “new” older custom 3-W with his son…. his driver door came open and tore the side sheetmetal where the 3-hinges where forced to the rear. Simple fix, just repair the door, door jam, repair the whole side of the car, and re-paint everything in sight.

Danny Mink (Danny’s Rod Shop) is now in this THIRD car. The first two crapped out before we linked up with them. Danny’s truly a great guy and loves this stuff. Nothin to it.

Gary Case fell out and went home after repairs @ Alloways Rod Shop. Trans problems and he said Moser put their rear axle seals in backwards so the rear brakes oiled down.

Kenny and the Brookville crew didn’t come this year. I spoke with Kenny and Chuck and we’ll see them @ SEMA. I don’t know if they didn’t get their new 3-W finished or it had to do with Ray’s passing away. Either way we miss them and him.

“Red Sled”. Wade’s Impala gets lots of looks. Seems everybody’s seen it on TV. At almost every gas stop somebody recognizes it and can’t believe it. Wade and his son Tim have had fun, the Impala’s preformed flawless and looks absolutely great @ speed. Front tire wear looks normal so it’s thumbs up for the Ride Tech air suspension i guess. Sounds bitchin’ too.

GR-3: Flawless runner. No problems. Corky and Cameron are continually smiling and laughing. We’re running both our Flatheads a little easier this year (60-65 mph) so the drive’s a little easier and seems like the engine temp is staying a little cooler.

Final note for the day–Weather’s perfect. Wish y’all were with us.

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