Since our parent company also owns the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty, we get an inside view of the race, and more than 100 pre-1972 cars that participate. While there is certainly a wide variety of vehicles (fire trucks, vintage race cars, etc.) the most popular platform is vintage Ford…1928 to 1948. In the mix are a number of stock Model A’s with four-cylinder Flatties, but there is not shortage of Ford Flathead V8 horsepower. We spotted a bunch of great engines this year, and all of them were sporting period correct speed parts. Some engines had one carburetor, some had multiple–some had stock cylinder heads, while many others had aftermarket aluminum heads–we even spotted a killer Flathead with a vintage supercharger on it. Some of the parts may have been swap meet scores, while others are available right here at Honest Charley. From aftermarket intake manifolds with multiple carburetors, to aluminum cylinder heads and updated ignition systems, we have everything it takes to make your Flathead sing! Check out these Ford Flatheads that made the 2,400-mile trip from San Rafael, California to Moline, Illinois look easy!