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Wood Graining Services


Honest Charley is proud to announce a new service available to our customers! We now offer wood graining services to our customers, and we specialize in early Ford passenger cars, which had options for wood grain interior trim from 1928 through 1948. When a customer sends us the parts, we carefully inspect the pieces, and then media blast them to remove prior paint, primer, filler and surface rust. Then, if any welding is required, we tig-weld the pieces and metal finish them. As a part of the wood graining process, we apply etching primer to the bare steel, then coat it in epoxy primer. Between each material application, there is a baking cycle in our spray booth to ensure proper adhesion and a long lasting finish. Our database of years, makes and models and the associated colors, patterns and textures allows us to perfectly match the original design, while greatly exceeding the original finish quality. If you’re interested in this service call us to discuss your project and get a pricing estimate!

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