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1955 Buick 4-Door

When it comes to rare cars, it’s hard to beat the significance of a prototype. Bob Coker came to us with his 1955 Buick Century, which was a prototype display car used in the General Motors Motorama show. That year, Buick unveiled its brand new four-door hardtop model, which was a revolutionary design. When the car came into the shop, it had received a complete repaint at some ... Read More

1911 Marmon Wasp

Ray Harroun piloted the original Marmon Wasp to victory at the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911. The car had a revolutionary design, and it still stands as one of the most recognized racecars in motorsports history. Knowing the car’s reputation, as well as its limitations, Corky Coker decided to build his own Marmon Wasp, so he could display it, as well as drive it! To make it a ... Read More

1932 Ford Street Rod

Clay Miller came to us with a grand vision of a ’32 Ford street rod, capable of traveling around the world. We started with a brand new Brookville three-window coupe body and put it on a new rolling chassis from Honest Charley Speed Shop. The engine is a Flathead V8 with aluminum heads and dual Stromberg carburetors. The car is fully loaded with accessories, such as ... Read More

1952 MGTD

British sports cars are always great projects and this 1952 MG TD is no different. It entered our shop in rough, neglected condition, but after a few months of diligent work, the car turned out great! Although it looked to be in sad shape, the body had very little rust, and the chassis was in good shape as well. After a thorough suspension rebuild, and fresh paint on all of the components ... Read More

Corky's Buick

Finishing a project that someone else started is a challenge, but it’s a common occurrence in most restoration or hot rod shops. This ’54 Buick came in the shop in late 2011, already sporting a fresh paint job and a great deal of chassis and suspension work. The crew was tasked with tying up loose ends, and getting the car reassembled and ready for the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour. The car belongs ... Read More