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1955 Buick 4-Door


When it comes to rare cars, it’s hard to beat the significance of a prototype. Bob Coker came to us with his 1955 Buick Century, which was a prototype display car used in the General Motors Motorama show. That year, Buick unveiled its brand new four-door hardtop model, which was a revolutionary design. When the car came into the shop, it had received a complete repaint at some point, and it was in sad shape. Our guys disassembled it and went through each and every component to restore it to original condition. When the body was disassembled and media blasted, it reassured everyone that this was the real deal, as the original lead filling covered many parts of the body. Our crew made sure to use the correct colors, finishes and textures on every component to ensure a highly authentic restoration. The car is now finished and ready to hit the road!