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1911 Marmon Wasp


Ray Harroun piloted the original Marmon Wasp to victory at the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911. The car had a revolutionary design, and it still stands as one of the most recognized racecars in motorsports history. Knowing the car’s reputation, as well as its limitations, Corky Coker decided to build his own Marmon Wasp, so he could display it, as well as drive it! To make it a precise replica, the Honest Charley crew examined the original car and made thousands of measurements to document each detail of the car. Then, it was a matter of making those measurements come to life with brand new metal. The scratch-built racer features a T-head six-cylinder engine, just like the original, and Corky doesn’t mind thrashing on it from time to time. From the wheels and tires, to the body and paint job, the Marmon Wasp replica is as authentic as you can get. And while the original Wasp sits quietly in the Hall of Fame Museum at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Corky’s exact replica is roaring down the road!