Greg’s Fifty-Five


Many of you know that Greg Cunningham is the manager over at the restoration shop (Honest Charley Garage) and could probably guess that he’s a car guy. Like most of us, Greg is a product of his impressionable years where he cut his teeth restoring Model A Fords in Oklahoma. Sure he has a funky passion for the 1980s, but his automotive passion lies with Model As and 1950s Buicks. We see hundreds of cars all the time around here, but he’s always talking about getting a “family car” that he can cart around the wife and three kids in. Well, one thing is for sure when you see as many cars as we do, that every now and then, a deal jumps in your lap that you just can’t pass up. Check out this low-mileage survivor 1955 four-door hard top Buick that has just found Greg!
photo-01 photo-04 photo


This is a great old road car from Buick, back when Buicks were top-of-the-line luxury cruisers. When you’re in the neighborhood, ask him to see the car, you simply won’t believe how nice it is!


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