Honest Charley Hisself

Every day we think about Charley Card and we try to emulate his way of doing business in each and every customer interaction. We always treat our customers like our best friends, the way ol’ Honest Charley Hisself would’ve treated them. We have huge footsteps to fill, but it’s our job (and our passion) to treat you right and keep your hot rod on the road. While flipping through the January 2012 issue of the SEMA News magazine, we found a pleasant surprise on pages 106 and 107….a full spread on Honest Charley Card and the legacy he built! Drew Hardin wrote a nice article about Honest Charley Speed Shop and the photo is SO cool! The print is way too small to read, so click the photo to make it bigger and give it a good read…we enjoyed it and you will too!