How to LS Swap your Hot Rod

We can hear it now, all of the traditional hot rodders are standing on soapbox yelling “LS engines don’t belong in hot rods!”. But aren’t we the same group of guys who swapped in Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, or of course, Chevrolet V8’s many years ago? Sure, we love a Ford Flathead and we know its purpose in the hot rod world, but if you want to build a contemporary car, LS engines are the hot ticket. These bad boys make a bunch of horsepower in a small package, and they are affordable with TONS of aftermarket support. Honest Charley offers a number of these parts, especially those that help you swap an LS engine into an old car. We also offer parts to take away some of the LS engine’s ugly features. We offer motor mounts, headers, intake piping kits, dress up items and more for your LS swap. Take a look at our selection of LS engine parts, and call us up if you need additional help with your project!

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