Minor Modifications…

Some folks like to stick with the norm and build a cookie cutter ’32 Ford, and that’s perfectly fine, but there are still a few car guys that dare to be different. Mike Coger is one of those guys, as he chose to build a Morris Minor, which are very cool compact cars that debuted in the 1940’s. They have a British heritage, and we’ve seen quite a few of these tiny coupes turned into hot rods over the years.

Mike gave his a slammed stance with a custom chassis that features independent front suspension and a narrowed rear end. When tackling a project like this, it’s hard to simply pick up the phone and order parts, so Mike called upon the crew at Honest Charley Speed Shop to help with parts selection for such a unique vehicle.

Mike sent us a few progress shots of his Morris Minor, and we thought it would be cool to share them. Check out all of the custom fabrication work to make the small block Ford fit within the tight confines of the original body. Mike also fabricated the floor pans and firewall from scratch. We can’t wait to see this one finished and on the road!

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