Nitro is in the Air…

Waving the Honest Charley banner, Army Armstrong boils the hides en route to debuting his brand new “Joker” ’67 Nova in the IHRA Prostalgia Class at Rockingham, NC this past weekend. Nitro Nostalgia funny cars have become the new “bad-boys” on the drag racing block with spectacular side by side action at over 250 mph and high 5 second quarter mile times being the norm for a typical pass.

Fan response to the new class has been overwhelming as race enthusiasts can really identify with the muscle-car-on-steroid type appearance of the various body styles, names, paint schemes, etc. that make this class unique. Novas, Camaros, Vegas, Corvettes Dusters, Mustangs, etc….all have late 60’s early 70’s styling cues and big time horsepower (we’re talkin’ 4,000+). The open style pit-area where fans can interact with the crews, drivers and purchase merchandise from their favorite teams leaves a lasting impression on anybody from ages 8-80. We’re glad to see Army representing the Honest Charley Speed Shop and we hope to see the Joker up close and personal sometime soon!

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