Flathead Ford Gasket Set | 1945-48 239 F


Complete set



Includes Copper Head Gaskets, Carburetor Base, Dipstick Tube Housing, Distributor Base, 32-41, Distributor Base, 42-48, Distributor Cap Cover, 32-41, Distributor Cap Cover, 46-48, Distributor Coil Base, Distributor Housing, Distributor Retaining Ring, Exhaust Pipe Flange, Front Crankshaft Seal, Fuel Pump Cover, 36-42, Fuel Pump Cover, 46-53, Fuel Pump Mounting, Fuel Pump Stand to Intake, Intake Manifold, Oil Pan Drain Plug, Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1938, Oil Pan Rear, Oil Pan Side, Oil Pan Side, Oil Pump Driver Cover, 32-41, Oil Pump Driver Cover, 41-48, Oil Pump Mounting, Oil Pump Screen Cover, Rear Crankshaft Seal, Timing Cover, Valve Guide Seal, Water Pump to Block


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