Mooneyes® Fuel Block | 2 Carb




Polished finned aluminum fuel block for running two carburetors.

MOON Fuel Blocks

One of Dean Moon’s very first products! The original was actually made in his high school shop class! It is still widely used by hot rodders, drag racers and enthusiasts today.

Made of cast aluminum, a polished surface and finned for the ultimate in design and appearance. MOON cast fuel block features a large cast-in reservoir, 3/8″ N.P.T. threads at both ends and 1/8″ N.P.T. on the face

2, carb set-up (outlets) with 3/8″ N.P.T. inlet on both ends of block and 1/8″ N.P.T. outlet on front.

Cast Aluminum


This product is legal in the state of California for competition use only and may not be used on any public highways.

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Weight 2 lbs


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