Economy Ford Flathead V8 Exhaust Headers, Raw Finish


Universal Fit, Shorty Header Tube Type, Natural, Round Port Flange Style, Steel



Economy Flathead V8 Headers fit 1937-41 cars with Vega steering and 1942-48 cars with stock steering.  These headers are painted black, and include gaskets and bolts.


  • These probably won’t fit Model T or A due to narrow frame width, particularly on passenger side.
  • These headers also may not work with stock steering on 1932-1934 cars, but are okay with the Vega cross-steer setup.
  • They work well in 1935-1941 Fords using our #91632003 mount bracket and Vega box.
  • 1942-1948 cars will probably require shimming of motor mounts to clear steering linkage.
  • Most 1949-1951 applications will have fitting problems due to interference with steering box and/or linkage.
  • On pickups the steering box can normally be clearenced slightly so that the headers can be used.


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