Chattanooga Area Hot Rodder Builds A Time Capsule

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Well, it’s not actually a time capsule, but it does allow Larry Rose to relive some of his greatest memories. It’s a front engine dragster, built to replicate the Cook-Bedwell dragster, which was a very influential drag car in the 1950’s. The original car was known as the Isky U-Fab Special, and it was tough…

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Swap Meet Stuff–Used Parts vs. New Parts

Alright, we all love a good swap meet…you get up early in the morning and try to find a treasure within a sea of junk. It’s a thrill that hot rodders experience quite often, but some guys do all of their parts shopping at swap meets. Some swap meets are very big, and include new…

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New Shirts!

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We’ve noticed over the years that people love Honest Charley T-shirts, so a few years ago, several new designs were introduced to add a little spice to the regular Honest logo shirt. The new shirts were quite popular, but many of them have certainly run their course on the market, so we’re ready to throw…

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Hot Rods in Paradise

We have a thing for hot rods, and historic drag strips are a huge part of the hot rodding community. Drag strips played a big part in promoting the hobby back in the day, and the ones that are still around do a great job of keeping the vintage spirit alive. We thoroughly enjoy visiting…

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