The Street Rodder Road Tour 1951 Ford Returns to Chattanooga

You might remember that a few years ago, we took on a major project that would involve countless hours of metal fabrication, body work, chassis work and much more. It was a 1951 Ford, built as the lead car for the 2013 Street Rodder Road Tour. That means it not only had to LOOK good, but it had to DRIVE for thousands of miles. Ford Racing provided an EcoBoost twin turbo V6, Fatman provided a full chassis, Coker Tire provided whitewall radials and Wheel Vintiques provided some killer Smoothie wheels, while many other sponsors participated in the intense build. Our shop guys thrashed on this thing night and day, and when it was all said and done, we were sad to see it go. Corky Coker was especially sad, since he didn’t get to enjoy the car before it went off on its 20,000 mile journey. Now that the car served its term on the highways of America, it came back “home” to Chattanooga after Corky struck a deal with the magazine company. This road proven custom is ready to hit the Tennessee back roads, and it looks right at home in Corky’s Museum.


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