Tribute to Honest Mike!

A household name with longtime hot rodders, Mike Goodman has been an Honest Charley Speed Shop employee for quite some time. He’s spent a lot of time behind the counter, and he’s also spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a hot rod. Back in the ’70s, he had one of the coolest T Buckets around, and he didn’t mind a rainy day or a severe sunburn if it meant he could make it to the rod run on time. J.R. Fitch hasn’t been around hot rodding for nearly as long as Honest Mike, but he knows a cool hot rod when he sees one. Evidence of this is hard to miss when he’s tooling around Chattanooga in this flamed T Bucket, which bears a striking resemblance to Honest Mike’s famous roadster.

J.R. hangs around the Honest Charley Speed Shop often, and quickly picked up on the hobby. He’s a very loyal Honest Charley customer–as a matter of fact, he bought every part and piece on his Model T right here in our shop. He wanted a car that paid tribute to Mike Goodman’s T Bucket, with a few tweaks to make it his own. The end result is a very cool hot rod with lots of vintage flavor.

All in all, the flamed T Bucket is a dependable car that serves as a real eye catcher, just as Mike’s T did in the ’70s. He stopped by one day, and we couldn’t resist dragging Mike’s car out of the shop and parking them next to each other for a comparison. Check out this cool tribute and stop by our shop sometime for some quality bench racing, and maybe you’ll catch the bug, just like J.R.!

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