‘Round the World in a Deuce Coupe

Hot rodding is about bragging rights for the most part. The battle for the most horsepower has always been a top priority, but for Clay Miller bragging rights come in the form of a long distance trip. He will truly be one of the only hot rodders to have driven his ’32 Ford across the world….not just across the United States, but across the WORLD.

It’s an amazing feat for any car, but for a car with 80-year old technology, it’s almost unheard of….almost. Back in 1908, a group of hardcore racers participated in the Great Automobile Race, seeing who could get from New York to Paris, France the quickest. In the end, the Americans won, behind the wheel of a Thomas Flyer. These days, there are no official races of this magnitude, but a group of modern day rally racers decided to embark on this incredible journey. One such individual is Clay Miller, piloting a Brookville-bodied ’32 Ford coupe.

The coupe was built right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by our buddies around the corner at Honest Charley Garage. They called us up for a BUNCH of parts for Clay’s car, so we’re proud to see it partake in such a huge challenge. Clay and his grandson, Blake Garrison are well on their way on the trip, but it hasn’t been easy. He’s experienced lots of problems out on the road, but that’s all part of driving this many miles. The cars left New York on April 14th, and the race is scheduled to finish on July 21st….that’s a lot of driving!!!

With a little over a week left to go, the Miller-Garrison team are on the road in Russia. Take a look at their website, to see Blake’s blogs about the trip. He has documented their experiences very, very well, so it’s well worth the time to read each one. We’re glad to have been a part of this build, and hope we can help the guys at Honest Charley Garage with more of their projects! Here’s the link to Blake’s blog: http://millergarrison.com/updates/.