Hot Rodders En Route to Nashville!

Anytime there’s a show nearby, we usually get a few visitors in hot rods, because Honest Charley is a nice place to stop for a travel break. We have a couple of good restaurants nearby, and plenty of cool stuff to look at, so it’s usually a good lunch stop for people on their way to an event. This time it’s the Goodguys Nashville Nationals, held at LP Field in Nashville. The show is going on this weekend, so Jerry Crawford and a group of friends decided to stop by on their way up the road!

Jerry is behind the wheel of a two-tone pickup, which has all late model running gear from a Mercury Grand Marquis, including a fuel injected 5.0-liter small block Ford. The other vehicle is a ’58 Chevrolet Impala, which is bright red and absolutely covered in chrome! The Impala is powered by an all aluminum LS1 engine, which makes plenty of power and is super dependable.

They’ve probably made it to Nashville by now, but we greatly enjoyed their visit here at the shop. They also toured the Coker Tire facility, so we’re sure they had a good time!