Model A + HEMI = HOT ROD

There’s no denying the fact that hot rodding was born from folks sticking a big engine in a lightweight chassis. Horsepower-to-weight ratio has always been a big concern, but things calmed down in the ’70s, when folks wanted to get out and drive without spending a ton of money on fuel. This trend is still going on these days, but every once in a while, you run across a hot rod that completely lives up to its name. This Model A coupe is one of those hot rods!

It belongs to Larry Smith, and he’s a great customer here at Honest Charley Speed Shop. In fact, after hearing about the Honest Charley Garage, just across the street, he decided to have his car built there! We’ve watched as the car has turned from a bare body with rusty panels to a much more solid platform to build upon. The coupe was already chopped, and it had already received a few patch panels during previous builds. Honest Charley Garage installed all sorts of new patch panels, and also assembled the chassis, all of which came from our Speed Shop.

The car is coming along nicely, and one of the biggest focal points is the massive Hemi power plant. This thing is going to look wicked, and the Sanderson zoomies ought to really give it a killer exhaust note. We can’t wait to hear it run….wait, scratch that…we can’t wait until Larry lets us drive it! Larry plans to do the bodywork and paint himself, so the car will be leaving the Honest Charley Garage before it’s actually finished, but we’re sure Larry will pay us a visit when the Model A coupe is complete.