Old Ford Trucks–The Next Big Thing…

Years ago, the hot rodding world revolved around roadsters and coupes. If you didn’t have one or the other, your car didn’t really catch much attention. Now days, it’s cool to be different, so folks have started building hot rods out of all sorts of unique platforms that would’ve never been considered “cool” back in the day. Evidence of the trend is the major uprising of the ’48-56 Ford F-series pickup truck. These trucks were once a dime a dozen, but the recent boom in popularity has hot rodders in a fury, trying to get their hands on one.

Seeing this trend, we have decided to jump into a new market segment, by offering parts for 1948-1956 Ford F-1 and F-100 pickups. We’ll be carrying the hard to find stuff, like window channels, interior trim and components of that nature. These trucks are simple machines, but they need new parts just like any project vehicle. The advantage from an owner’s standpoint is the affordability, and the availability of these trucks. You can pick one up pretty cheap, and you can buy lots of parts for them…right here at Honest Charley.

We’re proud to announce the new line of products, so stay tuned to our website, as well as our Facebook page for the latest news on product offerings and special deals. For all you guys wanting a cheap hot rod with plenty of old school style, the Ford F-1 and F-100 is the perfect choice.