10 Cool Engine Combinations from the Hot Rod Reunion

If nostalgia drag racing and traditional hot rods are your thing, then you gotta check out the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. They have two events each year–one in California, and one in Kentucky. We’re just a few hours away from the event at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, so we enjoy making the trip as spectators each year. The event is packed with vintage speed equipment, but we also see our share of traditionally styled engines, built with new parts. We spotted some cool cars and cool engines at the Hot Rod Reunion, and wanted to pass them along to you, in case you’re looking for some ideas for your project! Don’t worry, we didn’t just pick generic small block Chevy engines…we gave you a nice variety. Enjoy!

Three Stromberg 97 carburetors, complete with frogmouth scoops, sit atop an Offenhauser intake. This timeless setup sends fuel and air into a Cadillac V8.
Carbs: https://www.honestcharley.com/new-stromberg-97-carburetor.html
Linkage: https://www.honestcharley.com/standard-3-carb-linkage-for-5-1-2-centers.html
Scoops: https://www.honestcharley.com/carb-air-scoop-with-screen.html

The small block Chevy…yes, it’s overused in hot rod application, but it’s so simple and effective! This one features fuel injection and rides in a 1957 Corvette.
Distributor: https://www.honestcharley.com/distributor-pro-billet-chevy.html
Valve Covers: https://www.honestcharley.com/nostalgic-valve-cvr-sbc-tall.html

And now for the big block Chevy. This one is taking the late ’60s or early ’70s approach with a tunnel ram and two four-barrel carburetors.
Carburetors: https://www.honestcharley.com/edelbrock-reg-600-cfm-manual-choke.html
Valve Cover Breathers: https://www.honestcharley.com/nostalgic-v-c-breather.html

Here’s another big block Chevy, with the ’80s and ’90s “Pro Street” look. It’s hard to beat the wow factor of a polished blower, topped with two-fours and a big scoop.
Water Pump: https://www.honestcharley.com/water-pump-chrome-short.html
Radiator Hose: https://www.honestcharley.com/hose-kit-radiator-ss-24.html

Alright, one more Chevy and then we’re moving on. This one is an iconic W-motor, a 409. This one features some cool factory-type accessories, like the cowl air cleaner, but also has some aftermarket accessories as well. Here are some accessories that we offer for W motors.
Intake: https://www.honestcharley.com/edelbrock-dual-quad-intake-manifold-for-409-chevy-small-port.html
Valve Covers: https://www.honestcharley.com/edelbrock-valve-cover-set-409-chevy.html

How about an early Semi, sporting a 4-71 blower and two Deuces? This thing has all the right stuff!
Motor Mounts: https://www.honestcharley.com/engine-mounts-hemi-other-chrysler-engines.html
Radiator Support Rods: https://www.honestcharley.com/radiator-support-rods-stainless-1932-39.html

And now for a “late model” Hemi, a 426-based engine, with a crazy induction system.
Spark Plug Tubes: https://www.honestcharley.com/spark-plug-tubes-seals.html

Ahhhh yes, the Ford Flathead V8, a staple in the hot rod community. This one is rocking a set of Edelbrock heads, and two Deuces. Love it!
Cylinder Heads: https://www.honestcharley.com/edelbrock-reg-cylinder-head-49-53-65cc.html
Alternator: https://www.honestcharley.com/powermaster-reg-powergen-black-49-53.html

This Buick Nailhead is looking clean with its Fenton valve covers, Offenhauser intake and Rochester Carbs.
Air Cleaners: https://www.honestcharley.com/edmunds-round-air-cleaner.html
Fuel Pressure Gauge: https://www.honestcharley.com/fuel-pressure-gauge-0-15-psi.html

And now for something a little different. This is the incredible twin turbo LS engine, inside Don Hoover’s 1955 Chevy. Check out the metal work in the engine bay! Here are some LS parts for your hot rod:
Swap Oil Pan: https://www.honestcharley.com/ls-engine-parts/retro-fit-gm-ls-oil-pan-1955-87-gm-muscle-classic.html
Starter: https://www.honestcharley.com/ls-engine-parts/ls-starter-powermaster-powermax-plus.html

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