A Blast from the Past!

A large percentage of the what/why/how of today’s hot rodders is for the sake of nostalgia. Going back to a simpler time can be as easy as sliding behind the wheel of a ___________ (fill in the blank with your favorite hot rod) and going for a drive. With such deep roots in hot rod history, Honest Charley Speed Shop is privileged with a revolving door of enthusiastic hot rodders who want to show off any old pictures, or in this case video, of the good old days. Of course, we LOVE it, and recently uncovered some old 8mm film footage that really rocked our world! We think you’ll enjoy it too, so tune in and reminisce with us.

John Shackleford gave us the 8mm film several years ago, but at the time, it was costly to convert film to digital media, and we didn’t really have anyone in-house that knew how to handle it. Fast forward a few years, and our memories were refreshed that this footage existed, so it was time to have it converted. We were blown away with the footage, as it showcases a very cool era in hot rodding–the early ’70s. At this time, Rod Runs were popping up around the country, and the two videos we’re sharing contain footage from the Mid-South Street Rod Round-Up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and a local run right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While there is no extremely clear documentation of the videos, our guess is that they’re from around 1973. Take a look and enjoy the sights of old school hot rodding!

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