Watch Your Carbs


No, we’re not talking about your diet–we’re talking about carburetors. They’re an important part of making your hot rod run like a scalded dog, but we often interact with customers who are having issues from a carburetor they bought at a swap meet. We love scrounging for parts at swap meets just as much as anyone, but buying a used carburetor is not always a good idea. If you find a great deal, and have intentions of rebuilding the carburetor to suit your needs, then go for it…but if you’re planning to simply bolt it on and hit the road, it may not be quite that simple.


Honest Charley Speed Shop sells everything you need to spruce up an old carburetor, but if you’re willing to throw down a few more bucks you can also get a brand new carb from Honest Charley. With a brand new carb, you can realistically bolt it on and go in most cases. Honest Charley is a full line distributor for Holley, Edelbrock and Stromberg, so you can solve all of your two-barrel and four-barrel worries with one stop.

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