Clean Threads


No, we’re not talkin’ about your clothes! We’re talking about the threads that let your bolts take a bite, and keep your car from falling apart! Any time you’re building an engine, rebuilding your suspension or basically anything that involves critical nuts and bolts, be sure to keep a tap nearby to clean the threads. Rust can cause serious corrosion inside the bolt holes, which means that your bolt may break off before you ever get it completely snugged down tight.

If you’re building an engine, clean threads are important for getting accurate torque measurements. It’s always a good idea to run a tap through the threads for the main cap bolts, head bolts and other various bolt holes that require a torqued fastener. Clean threads are also very convenient when you’re doing final assembly on body panels. There is nothing more annoying that carefully holding your fender in place, while trying to thread a bolt into a hole that is clogged with rust or paint. So, the lesson of the day is to keep a tap nearby anytime you’re fooling with old parts that may have accumulated rust, paint or any other substance in the bolt holes.{{products}}

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