Harold’s 1913 Underslung Restored

1913 American UnderslungAfter a full frame-off restoration, Harold Coker’s 1913 American Underslung is ready to hit the road. As the guys get the car ready for the first few shakedown runs, Harold and Greg Cunningham offer some impressions of the car and the restoration for the camera. The American Underslung may very well be the first “lowered” production car thanks to it’s then-unusual leaf spring configurations. Also check out the video of pinstriper Howard Horn as he lays down stripes on this classic.


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  1. Larry Burchett on September 27, 2012 at 6:17 pm


    I love his attitude. Since I don’t know much else than building cars, I suspect they will bury me with the paint and bondo on my hands. Tell Mr. Coker that I love his cars and tell Corky and Mike hello.


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