Honest Joe Lombardo Retires

A couple short years ago, we celebrated the retirement of Honest Mike Goodman, and now it’s time to wish Joe Lombardo a happy retirement! Joe has been with Honest Charley for many years, and actually has a pretty distinct connection to Honest Charley Hisself. He’s married to Charley’s granddaughter, Amy! He has traveled to shows, helped thousands of customers on the phone, and he’s been working the front counter at the Speed Shop for years. The guys knows his hot rod parts, and he will be missed by our parts vendors, customers and especially fellow employees. We hope that he spends plenty of time tinkering with his Mercury, or maybe playing an extra round or two of golf in 2018. Hopefully,he won’t mind when we call for help and ask for advice! Thank you Joe for all the great years of service at Honest Charley Speed Shop!

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