Merry Christmas…Honest Charley Style!!!

Well, it’s that time of year again! The Christmas season is upon us, but we didn’t expect to see something like this come by the shop! If you watch our Facebook page regularly, then you’ve seen this ’37 Ford humpback sedan in front of the shop. It belongs to Jonathan Myren of Cherokee Village, Arkansas, and it’s regularly driven on long trips. The car is Flathead powered, but he swapped to a T-5 manual transmission to take advantage of overdrive for those long trips.

Last weekend, Jonathan’s hometown had a Christmas parade, so he outfitted the car with a Christmas tree, a grille-mounted wreath, as well as garland wrapped around the bumpers. Not wanting to remove the decorations, he hopped in the old Ford and headed east to Tennessee. He decided to pay us a visit, so we couldn’t resist grabbing a few shots of it.

From all of us at Honest Charley Speed Shop, have a very merry Christmas! And if you’ve been good this year, maybe you’ll find some hot rod parts under the tree!

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