Spring Cleaning!

DSC_3694It’s not just an excuse for you to clean out the garage…it’s an excuse to clean your car, and make a check list of maintenance, repairs and simple upgrades. If you put off these repairs until car show and cruise in season starts, you may be asking for trouble. A good, thorough cleaning will give you the chance to really focus on the car, and notice any leaks or areas of concern. Check tire pressure, check fluids and check the brakes before hitting the road.

A few months of sitting idle can make for some mysterious problems on an old car, especially a hot rod or custom. Electrical gremlins, fuel system issues and brake problems seem to be the most common winter time repairs for an old car. Make a list to check all of the lights and accessories, because we all know the feeling of getting pulled over because of a faulty light, when it could be something as simple as a bad ground, or a loose connection. It’s not always that simple, but you’d be surprised what a few nights of detail work can do for your car or truck. We guarantee if you get out the fine-tooth comb for spring cleaning your car, you’ll find a few things that need some attention. Now, get out in the shop and get your hot rod ready! {{products}}

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