Tom Hunt Speaks of Honest Charley Speed Shop’s Earliest Days

We are often greeted by someone who remembers buying speed parts from Honest Charley Speed Shop in the “good ol’ days”. However, it’s not often that we run across someone who was there from the beginning. Chattanooga, Tennessee resident, Tom Hunt is one of those poeple–in fact, he knew Charley Card before the Speed Shop existed. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Mr. Hunt and discuss the old days of hot rodding, from the restaurant where “Honest Charley” earned his nickname to the start of the Speed Shop and so on. Mr. Hunt has some great stories from those early days, and he shared several pictures of his V8 powered hot rod that he built at a very young age. This video is a bit lengthy, but grab a cup of coffee and a snack and enjoy some unheard stories from the earliest days of hot rodding and the Honest Charley Speed Shop.

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